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#193684 - “Alright change of plan, I’m not going up there in fifteen minutes to kick the door in,” Desmond informs me and I stare at him like he’s crazy when he drops the bomb on me,” You’re going to go up there and kick that little fucker’s head in. “Stuart seriously I respect Guy but fuck who does what, I can still back you up if I need to but do you really want to step aside and let me do it or would you rather grab that little fucker by the head and introduce him to bad motel wall paper,” Desmond asks and I realize I don’t have a choice. Hot candles and wax, a bound Wilma with her ass in the air and mascara running down her face, a mostly nude Henry except for the women’s panties and what must pass for an erection poking out of it.

Read Boys Chichi×Bato! - Ladies versus butlers Wet Chichi×Bato!

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Domon kasshu
I normally love your work but this was above and beyond just breathtaking
Rita rossi
Chulo herpes