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#79399 - Lyn and Al pulled out slowly, as they did Lyn licked my ass and ate the cum running from me, then gave me a nice cum kiss. Sue and Gretchen had both just emptied another full load of cum from their guys, so handing them the poppers I told them to put a show on for the new guys, laying down I held my arms up, at first they were unsure, but then Sue sat over my left arm and lowered her ass onto my fist, Gretchen followed suit on my right fist, both riding themselves to huge orgasm, the guys jaws just dropped. Lyn and Sue went for a walk to the toilets in the afternoon, both wore just a man's shirt, but open, it was some time before they returned, it seems a guy who checks the site had come along, and talked to them, when I saw Lyn wipe her finger across her lips, I knew she or they had given him a blow job, they laughed and told us that his cock kept growing bigger as they talked, and in the end Sue went down and began to blow him, Lyn of course joined in.

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