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#104450 - Ben was half way to sleep when he felt his brothers fingers running through his hair, he had no doubt who it was, he could smell his brothers lynx body spray, the combination of the smell of his big brother, and the gentle soothing feeling of his fingers gently stroking his hair set his cock bone hard, he wondered what Scott was doing in his room so late at night, but he did not want him to frighten him away by showing he was awake and aware. Scott’s grip on his cock as he worked Ben’s foreskin back and forth over his dripping purple mushroom head felt amazing; Ben held back the moans, as surges of pleasure flowed through his young body.

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Keiichi maebara
Beautiful and would love for you to ride my face like that till your soaking wet and then slowly slide down on my cock and ride it like that awesome and beautiful
Mmm so hoot mann