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#129164 - Erick’s face reddens further and he lowers his head in defeat “Ok but don’t you ever touch her again do you hear me!” mark laughs “don’t think your in a position to tell me what I can and cant do mate!” Late That Night! Erick had packed his bags before mum came home and told me to say he was staying a dads for a while I was still wondering what mark meant about Erick’s little secret with Janey? They seemed close, closer than me and Janey were but that was just siblings though weren’t it???? Mum rang up at 7:30pm to say she was staying at nana G’s and she will be home tomorrow so it was just me and mark alone in the house. “Hey kiddo mum said she’s staying at nana G’s ok? So it’s just us tonight you want me to order pizza after today I cant be bothered cooking” I agreed and he ruffled my hair like he used to “Mark im really sorry about today it was a mistake” I call into the kitchen were mark was sitting reading the takeaway menu I was sitting on the sofa with my feet up

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