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#62447 - Well then, he continued, get on your knees and pray with me, pray that you shall follow the righteous path laid down for you in the Holy Bible!!! Rachel got to her knees and bowed her head in prayer, only to be interrupted by the booming voice of Deacon Hancock. They had progressed by now, to the point that when they would meet, they would quickly shed their clothing and take a dip in the warm river water, frolicking and enjoying each other's company, and while they had not consummated their love, they were taking a great chance that their sacrilegious behavior would be discovered and that they both would be severely punished. Through all this, Catherine Smith was also sobbing, but more quietly and to herself, she tried to wave a final good by to her daughter, but John Smith pulled down her arm in disgust and said, She's made her own bed, Catherine, and now she must sleep in it!!! The two horse carriage made good time back to Kirkville, and thankfully Rachel had ca

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