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#295334 - Collins lashed out with the back of her right hand, catching a totally surprised Joanne flush on the cheek accompanied by the harsh reprimand, Don't you ever threaten me again, do I make myself clear, believe me you will live to regret it! It was at that moment that both Brittany and her mother realized that they were at Carla Collins' mercy, so with tears welling up in her eyes Joanne Reeves replied softly, I-I understand, I'm sorry!!! That's better, a slightly placated Carla answered evenly, now, to make my point I want Britt to remove her clothing except for her bra and panties, and I mean right now! Britt looked helplessly at her mother for assistance, but instead of a helping hand all she got was a blank stare which indicated that she was on her own! Still a little stunned at the sudden turn of events, she was jolted back to reality when Carla Collins' sharp voice demanded, Are you going to strip or do I have to do it for you, young lady? Uh

Read Indoor Bishoujo-kun wa Mechakucha Saretai - Original No Condom Bishoujo-kun wa Mechakucha Saretai

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