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#15184 - Unbeknownst to the eloping couple beside it, the shiatsu was awakened from its deep slumber by the sounds of Mr. He chuckled an insane, maddened chuckle, thinking of how he would enjoy nothing more than to remove these festering shoes and savagely beat a young boy with them, gently forcing open his virgin mouth and forcing him to suckle upon their soft, leathery husks as the excrement dribbled into his salivating mouth, its sharp taste causing him to produce a vomitous spray of partially-masticated meat products. Bowdoinham strolled along Brown Street, gazing upon the voluptuous mounds of dog excrement slowly piling upon his loafers, falling in a steady stream of alternating chunky and liquid feces, the comfortably warm spray erupting from the enflamed and hemorrhoid-ridden anus of his shiatsu.

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