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#158977 - I was lucky (or unlucky)enough to be born with a generous endowment, from a early age my mother used to tell me and many of her friends that I was going to be popular with the girls when I grew up, her friends used to smile and tell me that I was a lucky boy I was, but I never had a clue what they were talking about, then when I hit purity my cock really started to expand both in girth and length, this caused me huge embarrassment especially during P. T at school where many of the guys called me a freak and I was relentlessly bullied, this led me to become introvert and I lost all confidence especially with girls whom I was afraid would also ridicule my manhood if I were foolish enough to let them see it, and so it was that when I left school it was with a great deal of relief. More tales of the mingewrecker will follow.

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Kasumi nakasu
Nice petite
Keima katsuragi
Dammmm hope he can swim
Honebami toushirou
Oh shit lol this is gold
Miki hoshii
Gotta love mosquito bite boobs