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#128781 - They worked in harmony, Hazel would lift has he lowered the synchronization was prefect, unlike her mother Hazel didn’t have to give a little squeeze every now and then, her pussy was tight enough; anyway she wouldn’t of known how anyway. His cock still jutted out before him like a rampant horse on heat, Hazel kneeled in front of him once more taking the gel and rubbing it all around the thick shaft, her own blood was starting to boil, what if he woke what could she say. Orgasm blocked her thoughts once more, taking her on another fairytale journey this time she was in woodlands, small animals were all around her, it was not unlike like a Disney scene she was sitting under a large oak, the sun was beaming down through it’s leaves, animals would come up to her licking her shoeless feet, reaching down she’d stroke their heads and gave out a childish laugh.

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