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#58272 - Pauline was kind of crying, but her body showed signs of a orgasm building inside her,, then just as quickly, her orgasm, her body shook and she relaxed as Jerry began to push his tongue deep in her pussy, it didn't take long before Pauline cum again, this time she wasn't trying to get away at all, she had given over to the pleasure he was giving her. I told her I had this in mind when I said to bring Jerry home, Pauline just smiled, kissed me and said thank you, I knew she was more than happy now with her sexuality, and new found kinkiness. When we got to her house, Pauline asked why I said to bring him with us, I told her it would be a lot easier to feed him here, than to drive every day especially if we were playing, and let it be at that, but I did have some thing in mind too.

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