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#85088 - He opened her wallet and pocked the two fifty she had just withdrawn from the bank, and then slowly went through her credit cards. Ha ha ha, he laughed roughly, like gettin' your tits felt up do you, well I'm gonna do a lot more than that before I'm through you, now the rest of your things, off with them, now!!! Paula unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off with one motion, taking her panties at the same time, leaving her neatly trimmed blonde bush now exposed, allowing Lemont easy access to her private parts. Her hand became a blur on his shaft, flying up and down at an incredible rate of speed, only matched by the fingers on her other hand that were busy finger fucking her hot slit! The first blast of cum that hit the back of Paula's throat caused her pussy to contract and send an orgasm ripping through her loins while her mouth was being flooded with hot cum, and that only drove Paula into a higher sexual frenzy! It was getting dark outside, and her husba

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