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#262596 - We did fuck one more time before she went back to university, Tara was out for the night so that meant Claire was on her own, l had just had a play with my sister Sally but needed to get my cock inside a nice warm pussy so sneaked into Claire’s bed forced her onto her belly lifted her nightie up and spread her legs with my knee, Once she realised what l wanted Claire didn’t struggle at all. I waited till everyone was asleep then quietly move the camp bed close to Sally’s bed so l could reach over and play with my sister, l could get a finger into her pussy right up to my second knuckle, l became more daring and started licking her inviting hole sliding my tongue between her pussy lips, all of a sudden Sally rolled over onto her belly to reveal her white soft round bum, l couldn’t help myself and stripped naked then lowered myself carefully onto her back with my cock resting on her bum sandwiched between us, l slowly began rubbing myself up and down against her, the excitement started

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