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#110490 - After a couple of seconds of this he sat next to me in the seat and grabbed my head forcing me towards his still rock hard cock I didn’t hesitate I opened wide and stretch out my tongue as soon as the tip collided with his precum drenched hood he moaned and thrust upwards and I was compelled downwards but the sweet scent and salty creamy taste of his cock and semen I swallowed the whole thing and rapped my tongue around the shaft as he trusted upward I went down taking every inch savoring the taste of his sweet cum. It was for an allotment apartment I could only think to myself that it wasn’t private or of high standard but hey it was worth a shot so I got in the car and headed to the address when I knocked on the door a gruff middle aged man opened the door I stated “I’m here to inquire about the apartment” he just glared and looked me up and sown I thought to myself for a quick moment is he checking me out or just trying to gauge if I’m serious. When I regained my senses I realis

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