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#362126 - The gusset still hangs down between your legs, exposing your tortured winky, so she fetches the big stapler they use for putting up posters, the one with 25mm staples, and fastens one through each edge of the material, right into the sides of your pubic mound. Every time you cry out, the cruel technician asks what your problem is, directing your attention to the scrolling images on your laptop, saying that’s obviously what you want, and it’s no more than a slut like you deserves. After repeatedly turning off the power, and booting up again, it looked like she was destined to search for love hopelessly, for the rest of her life.

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Miyuki hoshizora
Excellent i get to see your facial expressions as i fuck you in my mind
The whole package
Sogo osaka
Damn dessert never looked so good