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#126089 - It was around 12 when I herd a voice Kim was asleep on the couch I was reading in the bedroom an older man around 70 appeared holding a bottle of wine and staring at my wife's bare ass , as I entered the room Kim awoke and without any hesitation said hello and took the wine and offered him a drink as she did this she placed a robe around herself and started to chat to the older man , he told her she was so beautiful and was sorry for bursting in. My wife and I spent a week in the country on a farm stay log cabin and plenty of fresh air We spent the first day relaxing and as it was very hot we only had underwear on , my wife is 50 and well developed she loves being naked and will do when ever it takes her so she discarded her undies and sat exposing her all.

Read Siririca Shoyamu - First Night Dream - Touhou project Bareback Shoyamu - First Night Dream

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Fuyumi yanagi
Damn goodslut
Ran yakumo
Any one hear like to do same with me