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#43107 - When it was Emily’s turn she slipped her bra off first, they others being happy from drink, didn’t seem to take much notice, she danced and pranced in front of me, her hips just over my cock, as she turned she pressed her tits against my face, then as she turned her back to me she looked down at the bulge in my trousers, “Hay girls, we’ve turned my daddy on and he’s got a right boner” they all crowded around me and then one said, “Lets see it” “No” I replied, “Come on, birthday girl here hasn’t seen a cock before” I looked at Emily for some support, she just smiled. I sat up and looked down at her limp body, my spunk seeping from her pussy onto the bed. I then heard one of the nurses saying “Hello Emily, I saw your father with Jody earlier” “Thanks Jenny, Tom told me he was here” there was a knock on the door, Emily’s voice called “Dad are you there”? I opened the door and she stepped in, seeing me naked and Jody sprawled on the bed she didn’t have to ask what we had been doing, “Com

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