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#320105 - He flushed crimson and looked away, “What makes you think I’d want to do that!” “Oh come on Ryan! You eat my food, constantly sneak glances and studied art at college, which, I can’t help but notice, got you into the habit of keeping your body smooth and…” she smirked, “Just how many squats do you do each morning?” If he could have blushed brighter he would’ve, “I don’t see what that's got to do with anything!” She poked her tongue out, “You do a lot then huh? It’s like you want to give yourself some padding for when I bounce your booty on my lap. Months had gone by since he and his sister had seen each other, going about their lives, but after she had learned of his situation through Facebook, she had insisted he move in with her. He had connected the dots easy enough and wasn’t sure what to think or feel.

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