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#117163 - I was stunned, I ran my hand over her lovely bottom slid my finger down the crack of her arse, over the bumhole which I poked a little and found it would be quite accessible, down to her cunt which I felt was almost dripping and then reached under her to her cock which had begun to firm when I touched it. When I was in place he really went to town on my cunny, his tongue went in much further than Suzy’s had and I could feel the tip of his tongue brushing (what I know now was) my hymen, it felt really good and I kept forcing my cunny down onto his tongue, I know I came because I had that running feeling inside and I was shaking a little and breathing heavy, he knew it to, be cause he lifted me off his face and laid me on my back and said “ Let’s see if this works as well” taking my cock in his mouth and sucking much harder than Suzy did.

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