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#326432 - I reach up and stroke the side of your face and let my hands run down your neck, past your breasts, pausing to cup them softly before continuing along your sides past that ticklish point that makes you squirm and around onto your ass, squeezing it tight just as I start to kiss you again. Well it would be a waste of a perfectly good erection if I didn’t, wouldn’t it?? So I lay back, close my eyes and start to slowly stroke my ridged cock while playing back the scenes of last nights adventures, before long I feel that familiar feeling deep in my loins until “And that was the latest song from the Kooks, now it’s 7:10am and it’s time for the news and sport with Dominic and Carrie” Bugger, the alarm goes off again, no offence to Chris Moyles but I have to say he knows how to make a man go limp! Bugger it I thought, I’ll have to wait, and if I don’t get my ass out of bed I’m gonna be late! I throw on a pair of shorts and walk to the bathroom, stare at the stranger in the mirror, “

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